Build Bridges
Frankford Consulting - Helping organizations help young people build bridges to successful lives
Consultant...on the intersection of education, mental health, health, child and youth development and community services

Evelyn Frankford continues to build on more than 30 years of experience in inter-agency strategic public policy planning and execution, technical assistance and capacity-building, government relations, and fundraising to help organizations translate complex policy goals and research into effective action. Her creative approaches in the mental health and human development fields emphasize greater collaboration across disciplines and systems and navigating financing challenges.

Mental health, health, public education, workforce development, and human services policy and program leaders want better outcomes for the young people their systems are responsible for. They understand the urgency of structural change. Evelyn’s special skill is engaging diverse stakeholders to advance and implement such complex, multi-agency initiatives, with a view toward moving disparate programs toward sustainability. Her practical “how-to-do-it” skills help organizations achieve such goals.

Evelyn works with and for national policy and technical assistance centers, state and local governments, school districts, and non-profits to overcome their frustration with the status quo. To learn more about how Evelyn's implementation experience and consulting lead to better outcomes for youth, adults, and organizations, click here.