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....Translating Research, Best Practices, and Policy Goals into Action

Evelyn FrankfordEvelyn Frankford works with organizations of all kinds that are committed to helping youth achieve better outcomes and launch them into successful adult life.

Her inter-disciplinary knowledge, in mental health, child and youth development, education, and community and family support, enables her to convene stakeholders across traditional boundaries and to find practical solutions based on an understanding of federal and state policy goals, often implemented at the local level.

Evelyn excels at:

  • Strategic planning with diverse stakeholders to create innovative public policy and program solutions in education, mental health, health, and social services systems that serve youth, via statute, regulation, funding, and inter-agency collaboration
  • Providing technical assistance to help stakeholders connect with the state and federal policy environment via funding, statute, and regulation
  • Building the capacity of leaders working in school-provider and government-private sector coalitions and partnerships to take "next steps"
  • Disseminating and communicating these strategies
  • Organizing policy analysis and action research initiatives that build on existing resources while incorporating new ones

Evelyn's philosophy about effective strategies for youth development and “youth bridging” into successful adulthood developed from the combination of her familiarity with the research on best practices and her extensive experience using this knowledge in inter-agency policy and program development at national, state, and local levels.

Her approach is based on:

  • Public health concepts that focus on populations and environments and seek to impact determinants of health via promotion and prevention
  • A focus on positive youth development, social-emotional learning and development, and mental health promotion, supplemented by timely early intervention and treatment for those who need it
  • Asset-oriented interventions and supports for youth and their families to navigate normative but complex developmental challenges and transitions at all ages, with an emphasis on adolescence
  • A pro-active strategy of long-term system collaboration among all sectors serving youth, rather than piecemeal or pilot programs, and focused on real-life outcomes (school completion, employment, successful community tenure) measured by indicators of longitudinal data systems that track youth over time
  • An emphasis on mapping resources and building on them rather than on listing needs or deficits
  • Partnerships and collaborations involving all stakeholders, including older youth, families and community groups

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